2003 Submissions

Wizard: Ch1 Wizard: Ch1 Rated Stars A Platform game with kick. Crash Crash Revolution Crash Crash Revolution Rated Stars A DDR Clone based on the 9/11 Attacks Boy Buffet!: MarioTest Boy Buffet!: MarioTest Rated Stars Boy Buffet.. Cakes Special Mario Demo! Gun Blaze: Stop-N-Go Shit Gun Blaze: Stop-N-Go Shit Rated Stars Gun Blaze: Stop-N-Go Shit Boy Buffet Sample Boy Buffet Sample Rated Stars This is a sample version of the game me and Gary of EyeHeartBoobs.com are working on. || Phoenix Zero - Neo* || || Phoenix Zero - Neo* || Rated Stars Heavily Modified from the old version. Added 4th level 3D M-16 Shooting Range 3D M-16 Shooting Range Rated Stars You Shoot Targets. This took me a long time. The 3D effects are cool ;D Phoenix Zero -Old Phoenix Zero -Old Rated Stars One of those top down shooting games!!! Terrorist Terrorist Rated Stars Bomb cities. Get Money. More Info Inside Terrorist: Demo** Terrorist: Demo** Rated Stars Simple Demo of a horrible horrible game based terrorism. Cheebis Adventure Cheebis Adventure Rated Stars Cheebis Adventure : A short adventure game M - 16 Shooting Range M - 16 Shooting Range Rated Stars M - 16 Shooting Range A game about shooting ranges Shotgun Shooter Demo Shotgun Shooter Demo Rated Stars Shotgun Shooter Demo - A interactive shotgun shooting game Pico vs Eskimo Bob(fight) Pico vs Eskimo Bob(fight) Rated Stars Pico vs Eskimo Bob - fight game Fighting - VS Mortal Kombat II engine Mortal Kombat II engine Rated Stars Mortal Kombat II engine Fighting - VS Tips on Boredom 2 Tips on Boredom 2 Rated Stars Tips on Boredom 2 Pico 2 8-Bit Pico 2 8-Bit Rated Stars Pico 2 8-Bit Parody Spam Phatty McBuztitz 2 Phatty McBuztitz 2 Rated Stars Phatty McBuztitz sk8-shooter 2 Phatty McBuztitz 1.1 Phatty McBuztitz 1.1 Rated Stars Phatty McBuztitz Phatty Buztin Sk8- SHoota, Hoolias Lets Go Shopping Demo---- Lets Go Shopping Demo---- Rated Stars Lets Go Shopping Demo